My Poor Neglected Business!

So pretty much I suck at being a business owner right now!  I havent updated my blog in MONTHS!  I dont have any new stuff posted etc.  I have been sewing my brains out.  Sorry and I will try to get more stuff posted!

xoxo Mandi

New Car Seat Covers!

Hey everyone!
Check out the latest car seat cover HERE!

Attention Giveawaytoday-ers!

Thanks for coming to our site! The specials that I am running for you are...

-Free crochet flower headband with every Lovie Bum. ( Like the ones in the pictures above) $8.00 Value

-Free Burp Cloth with every Sleepie purchase. $10.00 Value

The more you order the more free stuff you get! And the best part is shipping prices don't change~


Happy June!

Hello hello!

I hope that everyone is doing great! Now that I am fully recovered from the What Women Want Expo I am finally updating everything! So here are some fun things that are going on at Little Lovie in June-

-The BIGGEST news is that we are going to be featured on Giveaway Today on June 19th! Giveaway Today is a blog that is seriously amazing, if you haven't checked it out you might as well live on the dark side of the moon. They have featured sellers everyday that give stuff away...for strings attached, and the best part is that the sellers have tons of discounts for the week that they are featured! You'll have to check back to see what we are doing (I don't think that I can announce it yet!) But make sure that you enter!

-Little Lovie has also become part of Raindrop Gifts. Raindrop gifts is a really great website where you can buy fun and funky things- Etsy-ish if you will. Any ways 100% of the profit from the site is donated to women in third world countries at a 0% interest loan. How awesome is that!?!?!?! I know really really awesome!

Giveaway is finally up!

The giveaway that I posted about 2 weeks ago is finally up on Michele's blog. We are giving away a little boy T so make sure that you enter...also the winner of the giveaway last week was... Megan! ( I had Ivie pick a number between 1-7 and she picked yours!) Congrats and good luck to everyone!


I am so sorry for the premature announcement about the giveaway on Michele's blog! I think that she is going to do it next week! BUT to make up for it I will be giving something away here! Just leave a comment and I will announce the winner next Friday!

Also... for everyone that saw me at the expo and are not finding all of the things that I had there on here. I will get the pictures posted on Monday after my nerves calm down!

Make sure to enter the drawing!


Another Giveaway!

Ok so first I need to congratulate Danielle- she was the lucky winner of our first ever giveaway! Hooray! I am not sure if this is against the giveaway rules but I wanted to give you a heads up and let you know that Michele will be posting another giveaway tomorrow morning- this time it is for a Little Boy T make sure that you enter- and say that you saw it here! Good Luck!